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Housing Information

Homestay Program

One of the unique features of Covenant's boarding is the Homestay program. Instead of an impersonal dorm setting, we believe international students living with American families constantly provides a much better learning environment and focused social and emotional support. Host families are chosen after background checks, reference checks, and personal interviews. Orientation and ongoing support is provided to host families as well.

Student Testimonial

"A year ago I had never been away from my family for so long and I had this question, without knowing anyone, could I live out of the country with someone else while facing a language and culture barrier ? Well, the answer is yes!

I learned many things from my host family and grew in maturity as our time went by. Now that I am away from both of my homes and heading to college, I miss all my friends and especially my host mom and dad. We still keep in contact, and every time I see my host family, I feel like we had never been away from each other. Even though time passes and we are away from each other, nothing has changed in our relationship. Living with a host family is truly what made my study abroad experience the life changing event that it was. I have enjoyed every moment with them and I think of our time together every day."