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Application for Host Parenting, Host Family Questionnaire, and HomeStay FAQ

International missions brought to your doorstep.

Covenant’s International Program is seeking families who are interested in hosting an international student. International students have been an important part of Covenant's student body for many years. We are a globally minded community who relish in the opportunity to learn more and find new opportunities to interact with other cultures. The international program offers students and families the ability to gain cross-cultural experience through our hosting program. The International program is twofold in that international students experience American culture, while domestic students and host families have the opportunity to interact with students from over 8 countries.

Levels of Hosting

There are several different levels of hosting. Although, our main need is a 10 month commitment, we do have other opportunities for families interested in short term hosting. Below is a description of each level of hosting needed for the Homestay Program.

10 month hosting- August- May

This commitment is for one school year. The students come back a week before school starts and will go home at the end of the school year. Students go home during Christmas break. If additional breaks in hosting are needed, the Homestay Coordinator is able to find respite care for students.

5 month hosting- August- December or January- May

This is a similar commitment as the 10 month, but allows families to try hosting for only one semester. If the family would like to extend their commitment, that will be an option. Please see the list of responsibilities for more information.

Respite hosting

Respite care is usually a short term hosting experience. Families who commit to the 10 month hosting option are offered respite care during times they need short break. Families who commit to respite care normally host from around one to seven days. Respite hosting is case by case and families interested in respite care will be placed on a list and contacted when needed.


Covenant offers our families who commit to hosting a stipend to offset expenses of caring for a high school student. This stipend varies based on the level of commitment an individual family makes and can change from year to year.

10 month hosting- $8,000

5 month hosting- $4,000

Respite hosting- $26 per day per student

If you are interested in joining our community, please contact us by email at or by phone at 317-390-0202 ext. 208. To view a complete list of host family responsibilities, click here.