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International Program

Our Goal

We hope each student will leave Covenant confident and prepared to pursue education beyond high school. Students will leave with a higher level of English proficiency, a knowledge of formal writing, high levels of mathematics, science, and history. They will also gain the ability to engage in class, study, and prepare for exams. Covenant offers international students a unique experience. A few highlights of our program are listed below.

ENL Class

English as a New Language class is a time set for students to practice and gain more English language skills. This class is specifically designed to help international students as they transition into the American school system. ENL is taught by Mr. Dix, our Freshman English teacher, who has experience as an international student. 


January Term is an annual two-week experience after Christmas break that offers students unique educational opportunities through classes, internships, and trips. Learn more about J-Term HERE.  


International students at Covenant are housed with families from our community. This is a rich experience for students as they are able to engage with an American family and are supported by host parents during their time at Covenant. Students often stay connected to their host families even after graduating from Covenant. Click HERE to read the story of William, a former international student.