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Tax Credit Scholarships

Invest in Covenant Students and Save 50% on Your Taxes!

Give today! State tax credits are still available. 

Do you believe in the importance and the influencing power of a Christian education?  Do you want every family who is willing to make the sacrifice to send their children to Covenant to have that opportunity?  Do you have state tax liability for your household or business?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then consider adding The Covenant Fund at Sagamore to your financial and philanthropic portfolio.  The Covenant Fund at Sagamore is a powerful tool for donors like you.

Why?  Because your donation through the Covenant Fund at Sagamore gives you an Indiana state tax credit valued at 50% of your initial donation amount.  $1,000 donation?  $500 state tax credit!  Plus, you receive your standard federal deduction for a charitable contribution.

We are encouraging you to act quickly.  Tax credits are offered on a first come, first serve basis.  

So if your family or business has state tax liability, make an investment in quality, Christ-centered education through The Covenant Fund at Sagamore.  You are providing significant financial value to your household or business, and you are making a difference in the lives of deserving Covenant students.

Here is your best next step:  

Click Here to Make a Secure Donation Online 

You can choose your donation amount.  Plus, choose whether you want to make a one-time donation, or “set it and forget it” with a recurring schedule. 

Click Here to Make a Secure Donation Online 

Here are other options:

If you have a specific question, please contact the Covenant Advancement Department at or 317.390.0202.