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Art & Design


This introductory course is designed to build a strong foundation of knowledge, skills, and appreciation for art. The student will become familiar with, the principles and elements of design in the works of other artists and be able to use these in their own art work. Each student will be encouraged to use some basic techniques for drawing from real life, not photos, for areas such as still life, landscape, and figure drawing. Students will study the development of man as seen through his art forms. They will also study their surroundings and develop an awareness of its variety, balance, uniqueness and patterns, understanding that all of this is by God’s hand. A wide range of media and techniques will be explored as well as subject matter. In addition to this, each student will be required to keep a sketch journal during the two semesters. This course is open to all grade levels and serves as a prerequisite for all other art courses and fulfills the fine arts graduation requirement.

AP Art History

Have you ever wondered how art has progressed from it’s origins to where it is today? This AP Art History course will explore art from the Western World to modern times. While the majority of the course will focus on the Western World, other countries to be explored are Asia, Africa, Australia, the Pacific Islands, Central and South America. Students will discover how art interacts with the human story, cultures as a whole, the environment, and belief systems. Emphasis will be placed on the artist’s technique, the specific work of art, the context of the piece and the critique process (description, analysis, interpretation, judgment, and audience). Students will learn how to critically analyze works, and how to articulate their findings through in-class discussions. A variety of engaging mediums will be used to accomplish this task, including computer presentations, videos, readings, and visits to local museums such as the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Be sure to check out all that this course has to offer; it could earn you college credit!

Digital Media

This course is a wonderful introduction into a wide variety of media forms. An introduction to mind/eye psychology will prove helpful in any field of media. Various facets of photography, stop motion and movie making will also be emphasized. Also, radio will be a new introduction into this area of study.

Visual Communications

This interactive course will lay the critical groundwork for a life in the communications world. Graphic design, visual comps, and print production development are just several of the many topics to be covered in the class. There will be a focus on management skills such as interviewing, project scheduling, peer review and redesign. A wide variety of mediums will be explored, such as print, web and video. Students will get the opportunity to obtain real-life experience, such as making a logo, designing graphics, and creating a stationery package. The course will culminate with with a portfolio project, in which students will have the opportunity to put to use the skills they have learned throughout the semester.


Have you ever had the desire to develop your painting skills? This course is right for you. Students who have completed Visual Arts and have completed Drawing I and II will have the opportunity to develop their skills in exciting ways. They will dabble in a variety of painting techniques, including watercolor, acrylics, mixed media and oils. Students will study great painters from history, and will have the opportunity to observe other paintings. A focus will be placed on developing good subject selection and composition. During the course, students will keep a visual journal and a sketchbook in order to track their progress.


Have you ever had a desire to improve your drawing ability, but simply don't know where to start? This drawing course will train you to develop habits which will improve your drawing style. Drawing requires coordination, and this course offers training in this area through a wide variety of ways. Students will draw a wide variety of subject matter, including the human figure and portraits. They will also participate in frequent peer critiques, allowing them to improve their own work while giving assistance to those around them. Students will also explore the history of some of the world’s greatest known artists, giving context to their own work. Students will analyze their surroundings and see how everything is uniquely crafted by God’s hand.


Have you ever wanted to experiment with the exciting world of clay? This ceramics course will allow students to become immersed in the various techniques of working with clay, including an introduction to the tools necessary to complete a wide variety of tasks. Just a few of the techniques which will be explored are hand built, wheel thrown, sculpture, glazing, operation of the kiln and firing procedures. The history of ceramics will also be a focal point of the course, giving students a context for the works which they are doing. Students will be able to record their discoveries throughout the course of the year via a visual journal and sketch journal.

Art Tracks

Grade Art Media
Freshman Introduction to Art Computer Apps I (prerequisite)
Sophomore 2D, 3D or Visual Communications
Digital Media & Movie Making I & II
Junior 2D, 3D or Visual Communications Digital Media & Movie Making III & IV
Senior Senior Art Senior Art