Dear Covenant Family,

It takes an amazing community to provide an excellent, Christ-centered education that is founded on biblical permeation. It is an education that boldly and carefully engages the world with great intentionality for the stewardship of Creation and the embrace of the Kingdom.

It intends a life of scholarship, which means exemplifying and fostering a habit of immersive learning so that Truth be acquired and that all things be experienced, pursued, and understood because of and through it.

It pursues a life of leadership, which provides students with abundant contexts in which to navigate being good leaders by being good followers. None of us should act alone or solely for our own good, starting now. And it initiates a life of service. This is not something to which only some are given and is justi ably avoided by others. Service is the establishment and maintenance of relationships for the sake of the Kingdom. It means keeping the First Great Commandment rst and the Second, second.

I am blessed to partner with you to enlighten minds, in ame hearts, and transform lives.

For the Kingdom,

Andy Goodwin

66% of our Faculty & Staff have at least one master’s degree.
Our Faculty have 286 combined years of teaching experience.
97% of our teaching staff have their ACSI certification.
Our teaching staff male/female ratio is 17:14.

Mr. Kyle Wilson: Husband. Father. Teacher. Social Studies Department Head. His students think he’s amazing and we do, too. Every two years, the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation awards one teacher from each state with a $24,000 scholarship towards the Fellow’s master degree. This award is intended to recognize promising and distinguished teachers, to strengthen their knowledge of the origins and development of American constitutional government, and thus to expose the nation’s secondary school students to accurate knowledge of the nation’s constitutional heritage. He finished his Masters Thesis on Alexander Hamilton, co-taught J-Term Hamilton class with Mr. Watson, led We The People to State, all the while balancing his work and family with welcoming a new baby.

Mr. Wilson is just one of our teachers who go above and beyond in order to enlighten minds, inflame hearts, and transform lives.
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Here at Covenant, biblical permeation over biblical integration is a priority.

What is the difference between the two? Biblical integration connotes an after-thought, a laying-over of scripture to therefore “Christianize” our subjects, as opposed to our subjects being the fruit of Truth. And so with biblical permeation, there is not a separation between what is biblical and what is literary; or what is biblical and what is scientific; or linguistic, historic, or musical — but scripture demonstrates, invites, and guides all of those things.

Biblical permeation begins and ends with Truth. Yes, we do have explicit scriptural references to our subjects and there is also implicit biblical worldview, the lens through which we see and approach all of our subjects.


Student/Teacher Ratio:

Average Class Size:

Annual Tuition (per student):

AP Classes:

Outstanding academics at Covenant extend beyond the classroom.
Our Robotics Team is an example of this extension. This team of one senior, two juniors, and four sophomores took their classroom experience from Science and Math and incorporated that knowledge and skill into competing at VEX Robotics tournaments. They ended their season with competing at both Nationals and Worlds. Here are the highlights from their successful year:

  • Competed in 8 tournaments in Indiana, reaching at least the semi- nals in every tournament
  • 2-time Tournament Champions (the rst tournament wins for CCHS) - qualifying us for State
  • 2-time Innovate Award winners
  • Robot Skills Winner
  • Ranked #1 at Indiana State Championships
  • Tournament Finalist at Indiana State Championships
  • Excellence Award Winner at Indiana State Championships (the highest VEX award and an incredible team honor re ective of a complete team effort) - qualifying you for Worlds
  • Finished the season with the highest winning percentage of any team in Indiana
  • Finished the season with the highest VexDB rating in Indiana
  • Robot Skills high score of 85 - currently 77th out of 4895 teams in the World

Class of 2017 attending college: 98% (2% are undecided)
Scholarship Dollars offered to the Class of 2017: $8.1 million
Scholarship dollars accepted by the Class of 2017: $1.9 million
Average scholarship dollars per student (Class of 2017): $122,676

What can a small school with 323 students and 18 Varsity sports accomplish?

A lot when heart is in it.

Covenant’s Lady Warrior Volleyball team, led by Seniors Erin Stanley, Morgan Pierce, Sarah Mears, Audrey Hay, and Kaylee Smith, competed in their first State Championship match in Girls Volleyball program history on October 2016. They fought hard against 2A Champion Wapahani High School in a 3-2 match. The Lady Warriors closed out their season that had the most wins in program history, its first regional and semi-state titles, and the program's first state final appearance, just the third in school history. The team was coached by Alumna Brooke Stamper (’11), Mrs. Amy Atteberry, Brandi Fishburn (’11), Hannah Richter (’09), Amanda Owen (’09), Kata Bawel (’11), and Joey Richter (’15).

Covenant lost a true Warrior earlier in 2016, when Andrew Smith (’09) lost his battle with cancer. This 6’5” basketball player was the first to score 1,000 points and pull down 800 rebounds, and led his team to their program’s first Sectional Championship. Andrew went on to play for the hometown Butler Bulldogs, playing in back-to-back Final Fours. As he battled cancer and heart failure, he always had faith in the purpose God had for his life. Andrew is an inspiration and represents everything a Warrior should be. It is with heartfelt gratitude and honor that on December 3, 2016, Warrior Fieldhouse commemorated its court as Andrew Smith Court. - Coach Scott Flatt

When over half of your student body is involved in Covenant Fine Arts, you know magic is going to happen. From Music to Theatre to Dance to Studio and Digital Art, our students excel, but they excel with a purpose — to honor the Creator of the Arts and to bring Him glory.

Part of the magic that is Fine Arts is the weaving together of past, present, and future. Covenant’s String Orchestra continues to weave current students, Alumni, and future students together each year through their beautiful music. Each concert, Alumni and Covenant Youth Orchestra join with our orchestra for performances and special events. Our String Orchestra is conducted by Mrs. Barbara Summers, also an Alumni parent of two Fine Arts students Victoria (’08), and Sami (’16).

Volunteer is defined as a person who voluntarily undertakes or expresses a willingness to undertake a service. We don’t think that definition quite does our volunteers justice, so we define a Covenant volunteer as a selfless person who willingly serves the needs of the Covenant community with love, dedication, and joy. Although over 125 people volunteer on the day of Gone Servin’, our parents, alumni, grandparents, and friends serve throughout the year in other ways. How do they choose to serve? Just take a look at all the different areas that benefit from the generous giving of their time and skill in this break- down of 11,484 Volunteer Hours for 2016-17:

Academic Departments:
Care & Appreciation:
& Student Life Events:
Fine Arts:
Lunch Program:
Sports Camp:
Warrior Athletics
Booster Club:

Over 2,000 of the Fine Arts volunteer hours were donated by 12 ladies. These ladies created over 200 costume pieces from December 2016-February 2017 for Covenant Theatre’s production of Pride & Prejudice. From time period undergarments to hats to boot covers to custom shoes for each cast member, these ladies continued sewing through the performances backstage as actors were making magic onstage. Why? Because they love Covenant. They love our students. As with all of our volunteers, love for this place is at the heart of their service.