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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Covenant Christian High School.

It is my honor to serve this great learning community as its third Principal and CEO. Having been a classroom teacher, a coach for two sports, the drama director, the World Languages and Cultures Department Chair, the Academic Dean, and a relative of five Covenant graduates, I can attest to how special this place of becoming really is. I hope you will find it to be so.

Covenant is first and foremost a Christ-centered learning community. That means that our staff and faculty partner with families to follow Christ's example of meeting students where they are, helping them to recognize that place as a starting point, and then challenging and guiding them to move forward in love of God and subsequent love of humankind. We also affirm that our pursuit of excellence is a response to the unwavering standard of perfection to which we are called but always fall short in our own humanness.

Grounded on this foundation, we are committed to engaging all subjects through the lens of Christian worldview. As our robust, college preparatory curriculum affirms, Covenant's students have the opportunity to seek truth and find their passion through a host of channels, uniquely offered in core classes, creative electives, Advanced Placement and dual credit courses, mission and academic trips, and career-exploring internships.

Our students also responsibly enjoy many freedoms within the school day. It is a delight for me to walk the hallways during our Student Resource Time (SRT), for example, and find students voluntarily tutoring one another, continuing discussions begun in the classroom, or seeking additional instruction from their teachers. Equally, it is wonderful to see students wisely taking breaks from the rigors of the school day by simply enjoying one another's company.

In addition to exploring Covenant via our website, we invite you to  visit us on campus.  You can also attend one of our Open Houses  or  sign up for one of our prospective student Shadow Days offered throughout the school year. We look forward to welcoming you in person.


Andy Goodwin
Principal and CEO